2 motors and 8 inches of travel

Fully Electric – Magnetic linear actuator for instant on motion and force

The LA Series of actuators by CTW Automation is the ultimate in high performance linear motion that puts wave form creation and the resulting data collection at your fingertips; quickly, easily and in a repeatable fashion. While sine waves are standard, the LA allows for “any wave form” drive profiles allowing you to attain a better view into your testing world. From square, to triangle, sine on sine, frequency sweeps and stepped input; this platform lets you do it all. And because of the actuation methodology, coupled to the advanced motion controller, motion will be as requested and at a lower operating temperature and lower audible level.

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  • Fully Electric – Magnetic linear actuator for instant-on motion and force
  • Usable stroke range of 8 inches / 200 mm
  • Peak force of 2,000 lbf. & 8.9 kN
    • 2,000 lbf. out to 80 in/sec & 2.0 Met/sec
  • Peak Velocity of 215 in/sec & 5.50 Met/sec
  • Acceleration of 100 G’s peak & 30 G’s continuous
  • Frequency response above 175 Hz
  • Optimized motion for cooler and quieter operation
  • Includes complete Win10 operating system with computer and monitor
  • Sine, Triangle, Split Velocity/ Variable Velocity, track data and more
  • Input power 208-240 VAC III phase – 40 A(i)
  • Longer columns sold in +12” / 305 mm increments
  • Safety enclosure / cage
    • Hinged door mounted on the left of the enclosure / cage, closed with latch
    • option will change crating and shipping
  • CE addition for the enclosure / cage
    • Enclosure is locked and cannot be opened until machine is disabled
    • industry standard double redundant features
  • NIST traceable calibrations for force and displacement signals
  • Gas assist on the crossbar for a “zero-weight” feel when moving / loading damper
    • struts carry the load of the crossbar making it easier to handle
  • Side loading mechanism
    • pneumatic actuator applying up to 225 lbs. / 1,000 N
    • force driven by user within CTW Probe using analog out function
  • Additional channels (6) for extra signals / sensors to be collected during operation within CTW Probe
    • additional information at end of document
  • Digital IO for signaling external devices during the Test sequence
    • Used within a CTW Probe Test Sequence this can be used to turn on / off external devices
    • Includes 8 total to be configured based on User requirements
  • Analog out of Displacement and force signals
    • User interface to gather real time signals
  • Analog out 0 - 5 VDC
    • command driven within CTW Probe software
  • Customer can opt to pick-up in Lexington, NC but then NC State tax applies
  • Crate – International heat treated
  • Shipping – to be determined
    • By ground transport in Continental US
    • International shipping is not a problem

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