RD10 is a 10HP machine with a peak stroke of 6.0″ / 160mm and peak speeds over 120 in/sec.

CTW presents the 10 HP damper machine.  Designed to meet the market demand for more stroke and higher velocities at a reasonable price. Initially it was for the motorcycle market but its power and speed allow it to fit nicely into the industrial areas as well.

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  • High precision Interface 5K pancake load cell
  • CTW designed multi-stroke crank head for frequency variation in testing
    • Imperial OR Metric spacing availble: NEW longer stroke
    • 1.0"-1.5"-2.0"-3.0"-4.0"-5.0"-6.0" (Imperial)
    • 20-25-40-50-75-100-125-150-160 mm (Metric)
  • Peak velocity beyond 120 in/sec & 3.00 met/sec on the maximum stroke
    • ultimate force / velocity determined by the damper and piston
    • Linear design will vary from digressive
  • Peak forces based on damper design and CTW determined velocity variation.
    • Peak forces well over 4,500 lbs. / 20kN
  • Data sampled at 16 bit resolution via CTW specified data card
  • Position adjustable non-contacting IR Temperature sensor
  • Precision 1.50" shafting designed for minimal stretch and low weight
  • can operate on 200/240 VAC I phase power but not at peak power
  • Software operates and all platforms for data viewing, Windows, Apple, tablet and phones
    • Demo version available so that you can always have access to your data
  • Longer columns +12”/300mm
  • Clevis fixtures (exchange for standard 1/2”)
    • Optional - 3/8" or 5/16"
  • Range of custom fixtures available on request
    • Examples - Motorcycle & bicycle and more
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Safety enclosure / cage / CE interlock systems
  • 380/440 VAC III phase power (European)
  • Customer can opt to pick-up in Lexington, NC but then NC State tax applies
  • Crate – International heat treated
  • Shipping – to be determined
    • By ground transport in Continental US
    • International shipping is not a problem

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